Welcome to Owl Art Studio’s very own blog

welcome to Owl Art Studio’s blog, it will complement the Owl Art Studio website, which you will find here: http://www.owlartstudio.net/

and now a few words about owl art studio – our motto:  ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time’.

the first few words seem to be: it all fits together – somehow!
with great emphasis on that ‘somehow’.

the movement itself, originally known as ‘owls anomalous arts co-operative’, or OaaC, started as the loosest imaginable group of anyone who happened to be around and felt like getting in any way involved in our projects …this ranged from the two-year-old happily feeding the tropical fish to some pretty muscular chainsaw artists, with everyone imaginable in between.

a long decade-plus later, refining and reinforcing our artistic ethos, the description remains about the same.

a consolidating influence has been our acquiring, in 2003, the actual structure known as ‘owl art studio’. before,  we did projects both ambitious and satisfying, such as carvings in the park, the street clean-up , and various exhibitions;  then, the studio gave us shelter, a base and a home – all thanks to our two principal patrons, alan-the-fox and phil-the-green.

it’s been an art-project in itself, the conversion of the studio, from the original smashed-up boarded over leaky graffitied ’60’s truck garage to what it is now, our workspace and gathering place – “the cultural crossroads of the cosmos”…

One thought on “Welcome to Owl Art Studio’s very own blog”

  1. Wonderful! Please blog more. I know that Owl Art Studio generates fascinating liveliness… let’s hear about it, Don’t leave fans thirsting… except for the next installment….

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