flight, 2015 – the third byrd

and, finally, the third byrd flies into town.

slowly, slowly, piece by piece, every element of construction, each carefully cut, sanded, fit, different coloured hard wood, composing byrd three, is finally assembled, glued, pegged and clamped together.

all these various elements actually form a harmonious, finished piece (to our surprise and relief).

once assembled, it is of course, yet again, sand sand sand… it’s amazing how much fine sanding goes into these pieces. you sand for a bit, you think, ‘this’ll never be visible,’ but after a while it really does add up, it makes all the difference: we’re aiming at a jewellery-level finish here. “good enough” is not good enough. in this particular project, perfection is the only acceptable level… as the world spins on its axis…

the joy, the free lunch, the Great Leap Forward, is of course when the whole fiddly bit is done and we get to put on the oil.

the beautiful natural colours of the various woods leap out… what a change, such a happy moment.


here we have the chrysalis becoming the butterfly. the right hand side is not yet oiled – oak, wenge and purple heart – nice colours, but on the left once the oil brings out the full brilliance, what a change…


being able to stand back and look at it as a finished entity – in this case, a hanging piece, completely surrounded by air and free space, above, below and all around – one can really see that the elements do fit together in proportion. thank heavens, we made all the correct calculations… and now it pays off.

our motto: it seemed like a good idea at the time

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