and meanwhile, down the alley…

one of the resources available in this city landscape that is the canvas for the street gardening project is that, running off the street and looping behind the houses is a back alley.

Lord, when it comes to Life, make mine the byway.

down the back alley roams the cat, the fox, the hedgehog… and of course, there the householder dumps their refuse, damn.

how can we perceive this otherwise? let us say, a nature trail… i believe my unfettered imagination may have actually outpaced performance, but in fact at least the mouth of each one, four entering onto our street, two on each side, did attain some degree of dignity. with trellis overhead, vines growing up the side, and a final flourish, shingle laid down to cover the mud. another touch in the finished picture.

God is, after all, in the details.

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