in the end

was it all worth doing..?

is that a valid question?

“if t’were well when tis done, tis well t’were done quickly”
– Macbeth

“On action alone be thy focus, never on its fruits, thus thou shalt not get evil”
– Bhagavad-Gita

it’s an art work, no question, on a large canvas with the broadest of palettes, a ripple in time and space.

in its way a Dance: movement, dance-movement, stretched around the cycle of the seasons, a sequence of movements, transient but intense, energies coordinated into the rise and fall of a season in a garden.

as Andy Goldsworthy creates a fleeting moment in the wilds, then captures it for all time with photography, let this then be the urban equivalent.

from Rain sun snow hail mist calm – Photoworks by Andy Goldsworthy

where the countryside elements of sun and wind played upon his projects, here the element of time manifests as the current of the populace, eroding the structure.

so this project incorporates a sociological aspect. a question emerges: everyone comments favourably – pride in “our” street – will this change behaviour patterns sufficiently to adopt any responsibility of maintenance?

apparently not: this remains an alien concept.

“Slyk and the Apple Tree”: a fable yet unknown.

not even enough to pick the litter out of their own patch of garden, never mind the street, it seems, let alone weed the thing, or do anything past their own gate.

ah, Humanity… London…

do people maintain their neighbourhood anywhere else? One area that’s impressed me is Little Italy in Toronto where Brother Matt lived with John – every inch cultivated, front gardens overflowing with carefully tended glorious blooms, both fruit and vegetables. is it like that all through Italy itself? no idea – not in the streets of Florence, at least… no more the canals of Venice.

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One thought on “in the end”

  1. Hi Robin,
    you asked if I might take a look at the gardening part of your site, for ‘critical suggestions’, I think was your delicate phrasing …
    I’ve been somewhat side-tracked by travels through craving, calligraphy, beautiful envelopes,big India spirit and much much more….
    critical is hard to be in this moment
    I’ve been thoroughly entertained, inspired, hugely impressed, charmed and touched by your generous and gentle heartedness, which, coupled with your lyrical kind of ‘Aborginal songline’ style of expression (might take some further explaining that-) threads a golden path through every page of this site … what matters you’ve got in bundles here …. I’ll try to muse on being critical from an audience’s point of view next time I get the chance
    much love
    Heather x
    ps my back says a big thank you x

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