Peter Jaques

Peter Jaques was a printmaker, working in etching and watercolour, whom I knew when I was a student at the Camden Art Centre, then located on Arkwright Road at Finchley Road, at the edge of Hampstead.

after I left, we stayed in touch through art exhibitions and an annual Christmas exchange of cards and artwork. after a while, this added up to quite a substantial archive of Peter’s work, here shown.

sadly, at some point in the past, I stopped hearing from Peter, and when I called his phone number, it was cut off. I suspect he may have moved on to a different realm, where hopefully he is still pulling magic out of ink. I have tried to find any news I could about him, but no luck so far. his artistic energy contributed a good deal to my own growth and to this entity that we call owl art studio.

amongst other exhibitions, he frequently was accepted for exhibition at the Royal Academy’s Summer Art Show, and his works were on sale in their gift shop. some are shown here.

we are happy to be able to show this selection of his work to the world at large.

2 thoughts on “Peter Jaques”

    1. He may well have – I believe he used to live up that way, and bicycle a fair distance to come to Hampstead where I first met him in the 80s. We exchanged Christmas cards, which I treasure, and are shown here. They stopped, and his phone was cut off, so I sadly assumed he had passed away…have never found out any more.I would be happy to hear any more about him.

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