standing piece

unbelievable. what started as an impossible dream is now ready for delivery. once again, the owl studio cohort put shoulders to the wheel.

button was helping

note: button attacking the string… from each according to their capacity.

into the Phil-the-Green van, down to South Kensington. my, what an imposing new home.

getting the piece inside 2 getting the piece inside 3up the steps, into the front hall.

and, for the moment, here we are.

many many thanks to Lucie dragongirl Kinchin, Owl Studio CyberGuru who edited this article.


and the presiding spirits of the studio, Button and Pumpkin, who exemplify our work ethic.

The cats were overwhelmed

robin with finished carving

<— back to act the fifth

to the rest of the carving projects —>

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